Special Events & Shout Outs

Shout Out!

A Huge Shout Out to Ms. Bell who is being recognized by the School District of Philadelphia for all of her hard work and dedication to the students, their family, family to families, and staff at Lawton!

Ms. Bell excels in making every space and experience such a safe space for students but also staff. She works very diligently with her team to ensure that PBIS is strong and a true example of always making sure that there is inclusiveness and equity for everyone to play a part in everything that we do.


Shout Out!


                 Shout Out to Ms. Bender!

         National School Counselors Week

How does this School Counselor go above and beyond for their students?
Ms. Bender goes above and beyond for our students (as well as staff) daily. She works tirelessly to support our attendance and climate goals by initiating celebrations, providing incentives, as well as developing solutions to barriers/challenges. She meets with students, and provides intervention and conflict resolution when needed. She is an active member on class dojo and communicates with parents daily to share important information, give “shout-outs” and/or share the attendance newsletter that she designed. In addition to what I mentioned above, Ms. Bender is a true team player. She is willing to “do the work,” get her hands dirty, stay late to support/supervise students with admin, or whatever else is asked of her (even when it is outside of her required duties). Overall, Ms. Bender is a wonderful person, colleague and counselor. I feel blessed to have such a person on our school team. Being the only School Counselor at Lawton is a tough job, but you will always see Ms. Bender smiling.

What do you want everyone to know about the work of a School Counselor?
The work of a School Counselor is colorful, challenging and rewarding in the most positive way. I enjoy serving my students, and I’m grateful that I get to make impactful deposits in their lives every day. I love my students, their enthusiasm, drive and what they bring to the classroom. The work of a school counselor is eventful, and most days physically taxing but, on those days, love, prayer, a hug, a kind word and a smile is what gets me through. It takes strength, charisma, patience, flexibility, and love to do this job. Thank God for all the school counselors out there who are fighting each day for the greater good of our students. I am a proud Lioness of the Lawton family.



Barn Hill Preserve

We had a fabulous presentation on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 from Barn Hill Preserve! Here are some pictures of the amazing animals our students met.

Barn Hill Preserve website: